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ConserveWellTM Utensil Holders

Better from the start

At Server, we believe better really does matter. It starts with more sustainable products, like the Server ConserveWell™ Utensil Holder. An eco-friendly replacement for continuous-flow dipper wells - it uses only 600 gallons of water per year.

Different is better

  • Utensils are safely held above 140°F to protect against bacteria growth
  • Replaces continuous-flow dipper well to save water, energy, and money
  • Easy to remove and clean, with wall-mounted or drop-in models
  • Programmable countdown timer helps ensure timely water changeouts (also available without timer)
  • Adjustable alarm volume

ConserveWell™ saved our members over $4.5 million in water and sewer costs

Our Co-op Members are always looking for new solutions to improve their costs, operations and, in today's world, opportunities to be environmentally responsible and conservation minded.

Dave Shandy | Equipment Category Manager
Cenrtralized Supply Chain Services, LLC | Purchasing Co-op

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