Determining Replacement Part Numbers (p/n)

Purchasing Parts

Spare or replacement parts can be purchased through major parts distributors such as:

Order Carefully

Electrical parts such as thermostats and heating elements are non-returnable due to the liability risk of reselling this class of replacement part.
Our Customer Service team can assist with dtermining the proper part. When contacting, please have the following on hand:

  • Part number of the item (p/n):  5 digit number
  • Part description: soup warmer, 1/3 pan chiller, condiment pump for fountain jar etc.
  • Model: typically include letters and numbers like SB-3, CP-6 ½ or IS-1/3
  • Series: letter and number combinations like 11H, 09B and 99K
  • Model & Series information can be found on your unit in the following locations:

    Heated Units — on the instrument panel side or bottom of the base
    Pumps — on the lid
    Other Units — on the operator’s panel; near the power cord or bottom


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