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Perfect Portions. Sweet - Dry Food Dispensers

You don't have to be in the foodservice industry long to know portion control has a two-fold benefit: a consistent product for your customer and a cost savings for you; by eliminating oversized portions. Server dry food dispensers' display and dispense accurate portions of dry ingredients. With 15 portion sizes to choose from, you will not find another dry product dispenser on the market today that can provide this level of portion adjustment or accuracy.

  • Accurately dispense dry products of a consistent material.
  • Each dispenser needs just 5 (linear) inches (12.7 cm) of wall space and includes wall mount bracket.
  • 1 or 2 liter capacity hopper in a single double or triple wall mount configuration.
  • Dispense between ¼ and 2-ounces (7 - 60 mL) by volume, adjustable in 1/8 ounce (3.4 mL) increments.
  • Server Dry Dispensers are ADA compliant (do not require tight grasping or twisting wrist motion to dispense)Tiered Topping Rail: 85541
  • Sticky products, such as crushed candy bars, are not recommended. 

Maximize Space Usage with Topping Tiers.

Give your dessert program an upgrade
with dry toppers and candy bar toppings.

Create a station to portion your dry
ingredients and scoop toppings.


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Dry Product Dispensers:
Shown at top: Triple, 2L Dry Dispener 86660

2-Jar Topping Rail: 85541
Two rails shown at right with 1/9-size black jars, clear hinged lids & serving spoons.
Jars hols 1.3 qt (1.2 L).

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