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Dry Food Dispensers | Large 2L

  • Dry Food Dispensers | Large 2L

Quickly dispense precise portions of dry food from a 2 Liter hopper. Choose from 14 serving sizes of 1/4 oz to 2 oz in 1/8 oz increments.

Wall-mounted dry product dispensers can be used alone or banked in groups to create a compact dispensing station. Models available for 1, 2 or 3 dispensers per wall-mount bracket.

Serving Application:
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Crafted In the USA
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 DescriptionModelp/nCapacityServing MethodServing ApplicationList Price 
DPDSingle Dry Dispenser & Bracket 2LDPD866802 LLever$169.00 USD More Info Wish List
DPD-3 2LDry Food & Candy Dispenser | Triple 2 LDPD-3 2L86660(3) 2 LLever$414.00 USD More Info Wish List


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