Server Essentials | 2022 Catalog

Touchless Express Dispensers & NEW Stations Offer a better way to serve your sauces and condiments in a world where safety is everything. • S imilar footprint as the manual Server Express® Dispensing System • S tainless steel construction cleans easier and lasts longer • D ispense patron favorites with Single, Triple or Quintuple dispensing stations for 11⁄2-gallon pouches with a 16-mm fitment for a sealed, sanitary, cost-effective system • Guests can safely enjoy signature house sauces from a matching Direct-Pour countertop dispenser with a food-safe jar and lid inside • A ll units are perfect for finishing, topping or filling ramekins with the sauces and condiments your patrons love, for takeout, delivery or curbside SEE HOW IT ALL WORKS Every unit includes a food product flavor decal kit (100246) b c a 1.3-gallon jar and lid included with Direct-Pour unit Patron misfires are avoided with magnetic sensor dividers; included with Triple & Quintuple Stations 10 Food Container Pumps