Server Essentials | 2023 Catalog

dispenses model/item application description full portion dimensions (HxWxD) weight c SE 07010 round, black plastic base with pump (07794); countertop & drop-in 1 oz 17 7⁄16" x 9 5⁄8" x 14" 8 lb SE-Single 07000 black plastic base with pump (07794); countertop & drop-in 17 5⁄8" x 7 1⁄2" x 14" d SS-1SE 67760 07000 above & stainless steel shroud; countertop 1 oz 17 3⁄4" x 7 1⁄2" x 14" 11 lb SS-2SE 07300 (2) 07000s & stainless steel shroud; countertop 17 3⁄4" x 15" x 14 1⁄8" 18 lb e SE-SS 07125 stainless steel base with pump (07794); countertop 1 oz 17 9⁄16" x 6 3⁄8" x 13 1⁄4" 9 lb f SE-SS 07020 stainless steel base with pump (07794); drop-in 10 1⁄2" x 6 3⁄8" x 13 5⁄8" Food Container Pumps Pouch-Connect, Fountain Jar Pumps • S erve toppings from popular 48-oz pouches with a 16-mm centered fitment in your heated cabinet, station or well for fountain jars • I deal for toppings that become thin when heated, like fudge and caramel or private-label sauce • M odels for standard countertop and slanted countertop or drop-in use; drop-in (DI) model has a higher discharge point for additional serving clearance • P ortions adjust in 1⁄8-oz increments with 1-oz max per stroke • S aves labor and reduces cleaning time – toppings are contained within the pouch and pump • S pecify color and text for pump knob when ordering; black is standard (see p 9 for details) dispenses model/item application description pump & lid fit (jar not incl.) full portion 4 1⁄2" Wx 7 1⁄8" D x H above dp weight a FPEC-200V 82740 serve from (1) 48-oz pouch in a shallow fountain jar; countertop use 7 ½" fountain jar (white 82558, black 83147, orange 83148) 1 oz 6 1⁄4" 4 1⁄2" 2.1 lb b FPEC-200 82800 serve from (1) 48-oz pouch in a shallow fountain jar; angled discharge, countertop use 2 7⁄8" a b Pouched and pumped for speed. Flexible packaging is ideal in fast-paced, institutional and quick-serve restaurants. The 48-oz bag fitment connects directly to the dispenser for an operator-friendly system that streamlines workflow so you can server better, faster. Discharge Point (dp) PUMPS & DISPENSERS THIN fountain syrups • oils • hot sauce THICK ketchup • mustard • mayo • bbq THICKER tartar sauce • crafted sauces DISPENSES KEY APP KEY SEE TABLE FOR APPLICABLE TRAITS BY MODEL 1½-gallon pouch with 16-mm fitment c d e NSF listed pump (07794) uses only (6) parts Less than 5 lbs of pressure to dispense Express Stations combine multiple dispensers in a single base; see p 31 for details. NEW Touchless Express dispensers take the Express concept to the next level for safety; see p 10-11 for details. f More Express Dispenser options. NEW Direct-Pour models (no pouch needed) to serve 1.3 gallons of house-made sauces and condiments; see p 19 for details Express Dispensers | 11 ⁄2-Gallon Pouch • P erfect for high-traffic, self-serve applications – serves from popular 1½-gallon condiment and dressing pouches with a 16-mm fitment • S ealed, sanitary system achieves up to 98% evacuation; dispenses 1-oz max portion, reduce in 1⁄4-oz increments • C leanup is easy; condiments are contained within the pouch and surgical-quality plastic, six-piece pump • B rushed finish stainless steel and black thermoset plastic vessels reduce the visibility of fingerprints 15 14