25 dispenses model/item application description capacity dimensions (HxWxD) weight b TPD 87800 thick food dispenser with riser stand & removable tray 6 qt 17 3/16" x 9" x 14 7/8" 9 lb Pumps Thick Food Dispenser • Serve thick, ambient foods like waffle and pancake batter, hand-crafted sauces, thick BBQ and salsas • Gravity-fed design and fast-pour faucet allows high-viscosity foods to quickly flow into ramekins and soufflé cups; seals instantly to prevent dripping • Holds six quarts in only 9" of horizontal countertop space • Mess-free alignment guide on tray ensures accuracy and easy clean-up Refills tall containers (above 4 ") by repositioning riser stand, so faucet clears counter edge PUMPS & DISPENSERS b SPECIALTY DISPENSERS THIN fountain syrups • oils • hot sauce THICK ketchup • mustard • mayonnaise • bbq THICKER tartar sauce • crafted sauces AMBIENT COLD HOT DISPENSES KEY APP KEY SEE TABLE FOR APPLICABLE TRAITS BY MODEL