Server Essentials | 2023 Catalog

Container Type Squeeze Bottles p 28-29 Food Pouches p 30-31 Tiered Servers (bottles, chips, jars) p 32-33 1 ⁄6-Size Pans p 34 Mini Jars (1 ⁄9 & 1 ⁄12) p 36-39 Fountain Jars (standard & slim) p 40 Serving Application Ambient | Cold Ambient Ambient Ambient | Cold Ambient | Cold Ambient | Cold Footprint Countertop | Drop-In Countertop | Drop-In Countertop Countertop Countertop | Drop-In Countertop | Drop-In (cold only) Flavor Varieties 2-8 2-5 2-3 3 2-5 2-6 Serving Method Squeeze Pump Serving Utensil | Pumps Serving Utensil Serving Utensil | Pumps Serving Utensil | Pumps Pump Style See Pump Selection Guide for details, p 8 Express Pumps Eco | SST Pumps SST Pumps SST Pumps Speed, ease and efficiency – all in one simple station. LTO, so easy. From front to back of house, we work to streamline service and simplify day-to-day operations. Our serving stations are designed to keep condiments, syrups, toppings and more in a compact, convenient space. Organize, prioritize and customize all kinds of flavors without wasting time, effort or money. Your customers want variety. You want simplicity. Now you get both. Easily switch ingredients and offer today’s trending flavors with exciting limited-time offers and customizable drinks and dishes. Simply assemble your station below and LTO away. Fun assembly required. We’re here to help you put together the perfect station for your operation. Our Station Selection Guide is your step-by-step assistant with all kinds of options and configurations at your service. Simply select what works best and you’re on your way to smoother serving. SQUEEZE WITH STYLE Squeeze bottle holders come in drop-in or countertop stations so you can add the finishing touch wherever you need. CHILLED OR AMBIENT STATIONS Veggies, cheese crumbles, garnishes and more — we’ll keep it fresh and delicious all day long. GARNISH SERVERS Sliced, chilled and ready to add colorful flavor to your food and beverages. STATIONS Configure your stations how you want for ultimate speed and service. Add a pump or two. How about a few jars? Whatever you want. It’s yours to customize. Swapping out new and exciting flavors for limited-time offers has never been so simple. MAX EFFICIENCY COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE LTOSO EASY 27 26