POUCHED FOOD STATIONS | EXPRESS EXPRESS DISPENSING Flexible packaging is ideal for delivering high volumes of condiments in fast-paced, institutional and quick-serve environments. The bag fitment connects directly to the dispenser for an operator-friendly system that streamlines workflow so you can serve better, faster. Express stations serve 2-6 flavors in countertop and drop-in applications; see p 10 for single touchless dispensers. HIGH YIELD Up to 98% product evacuation means more portions served and less waste OPERATOR-FRIENDLY Durable plastic pumps have fewer parts for less fuss Work exclusively with 1 1/2- or 3/4gallon pouches with a 16-mm fitment Less than 5 lbs of pressure to dispense PEACE OF MIND Closed-loop systems protect from cross-contamination risks MORE RESPONSIBLE Pouches produce 97% less solid waste than rigid containers CUT COSTS Serving from pouches rather than portion packets yields big savings CLICK FOR TOPPINGS & DRESSINGS AVAILABLE BY FOOD MANUFACTURERS 34