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base type dispenses model/item pump & lid fit (jar not incl.) full portion Countertop CP-200 83300 shallow fountain jar, 2 qt 1 oz a FP-200V 82130 TP-200V 86750 Countertop b CP-F 83330 deep fountain jar, 3 1⁄2 qt 1 1⁄4 oz FP-V 82120 TP-V 86760 TVP-L 80879* 1 oz Drop-In c FPV-DI 82520 deep fountain jar, 3 1⁄2 qt 1 1⁄4 oz Countertop CP-200 Slim 85330 slim shallow fountain jar, 1 1⁄2 qt 1 oz FP-200V Slim 85310 Countertop CP-F Slim 85340 slim deep fountain jar, 2 qt 1 1⁄4 oz d FP-V Slim 85300 Pumps • Consistently serve with portion-controlled, stainless steel pumps; adjustable in 1⁄8-oz increments • Designed with food types in mind – use the Dispenses Key to narrow your search • Thick Pump (TP) models reduce dispensing force needed for especially thick or crafted sauces Dispensing large portions or using a slanted fountainette? See p 20-21. *Support bracket (100001) prevents tipping when used in SR-2, SR-3 or SR-4 bases. Ladles • Perfect for serving dry or difficult-to-pump ingredients • Stainless steel construction with a 1-oz capacity item description e 82561 fountain jar ladle, 10" handle, 1 oz 82562 fountain jar ladle, 7" handle, 1 oz f 82976 slim fountain jar ladle, 10" handle, 1 oz 82977 slim fountain jar ladle, 7" handle, 1 oz f e Request knob color and engraving for easy product identification; black is standard. See p 9 for color options. a b c d CP models (b) have unformed tube ends, whereas FP models (c) have formed ends to hold back thin product drips DI models have a 3-inch-taller spout for additional serving clearance Be sure to select the correct pump for your jar – pumps for shallow jars have a shorter cylinder than those for deep jars Lids & Accessories Inspirational Examples FroYo Topping Station item description (1) SR-4 82550 non-insulated base (holds 6 slim jars) (6) 83182 slim fountain jars, 2 qt (2) FP-V 85300 syrup pumps, slim (4) 83214 clear hinged lids (4) 82976 (deep jar) ladles Condiment Station comes complete with: item description (1) SR-4 82550 non-insulated base (holds 4 standard, deep fountain jars) (4) 83149 standard, deep fountain jars, 3 1⁄2 qt (4) CP-F-83330 fountain jar pumps, deep j k g h i l m n o Use ice packs with an insulated base to keep product cool for up to 4 hours We’re here to help — let’s chat at, 800.558.8722 or Station creation can be tricky. STATIONS item description jar style g 80310 clear plastic hinged lid standard h 82559 stainless steel lift-off lid i 82545 stainless steel hinged lid j 81415 stainless steel disher lid k 80443 stainless steel lid lock l 83214 clear plastic hinged lid slim m 83189 stainless steel lift-off lid n 83184 stainless steel hinged lid 86316 stainless steel lid lock o 100515 universal ice pack either 1-2- 3 -4 Select pumps and/or ladles 1-2-3- 4 Select lids and other accessories THIN fountain syrups • oils • hot sauce THICK ketchup • mustard • mayo • bbq THICKER tartar sauce • crafted sauces DISPENSES KEY APP KEY SEE TABLE FOR APPLICABLE TRAITS BY MODEL Station Creation Guide 45 44