Server Essentials | 2022 Catalog

5 Getting fresher with age. From the very beginning, we’ve tried to think differently when it comes to helping you serve better and we’re still thinking that way today. Touchless Express Dispensers, our latest innovation, ensure staff and patrons have a safe and sanitary solution for delivering the flavors they love, touch-free. It’s just another way we are helping you bring out flavor in its freshest form. Touchless Dispensers* Fountain Jar Pumps Food Container & Pouch Pumps Specialty Dispensers Inset, Pan & Jar Pumps Pump Selection Guide PUMPS & DISPENSERS “I love, love, love Server pumps. I’ve been using Server for over 20-plus years and am super satisfied – they simply don’t break.” Erik Fox Owner/Manager Out & Out – Independent Fast Casual/Caterer 8 10 22 12 24 19 *Touchless Express units carry a one-year warranty. All others are backed by a two-year warranty.