Server Essentials | 2023 Catalog

WITH SPACER With spacer Spacer prevents water overflow into the food Water heats all sides of vessel with spacer Without spacer Spacer 82063 b a c Single Merchandisers • Ideal for theaters, stadiums, fairs and snack food operators – heated spout ensures safety when dispensing potentially hazardous foods • W arm and serve caramel, hot fudge and cheese sauce from a #10 can, 3-quart jar accessory or 48-ounce pouch with fitment • B utter model pump is designed to prevent splashing and serves from a 3-quart stainless steel jar (included) • E liminate waste with precise temperature control and accurate, even heat • P ump provides consistent servings while managing food costs; 1 oz per stroke; adjusts in 1⁄8-oz increments • R educe waste and speed cleanup – serve from a 48-ounce pouch with the new pouched dispensing model Protect Your Product Each water-bath topping warmer includes a plastic spacer. This spacer is critical to ensure the proper operation of your warmer when serving from a #10 can or 3-quart stainless steel jar (94009). The spacer keeps the can/jar properly positioned, providing multiple benefits: • A llows the water-bath warmer to evenly heat all sides of the food can/jar, rather than direct contact to the bottom only • P revents water overflow into the product, safeguarding quality and integrity • E nsures more product is dispensed and served to customers; without a spacer, excess product is left in the can and remains unused 5-15P EURO UK Contact your food distributor for 48-oz topping pouches with a 16-mm center fitment featured on p 54. Includes magnetic decals shown. Make it yours — download templates at for custom graphics 230V Rethermalizer N11942 RCM Aust model/item description capacity dimensions (HxWxD) plug voltage watts weight a FSPW-SS 81140 warmer with pump (81320) 3-qt jar 15 7⁄16" x 8 15⁄16" x 15 1⁄2" 5-15P 120 AC 517 15 lb FSPW-SS 100066 pouch warmer with piercing pump (81185) 48-oz pouch w/ fitment 15 7⁄16" x 8 15⁄16" x 15 1⁄2" 5-15P 120 AC 19 lb FSPW-SS 80840 warmer with pump (81320) & stainless steel jar (94009) 2.8 L jar 39.2 x 22.7 x 39.4 cm Euro 230 AC 7.3 kg FSPW-SS 83697 UK c BSW-SS 86540 warmer with butter pump (06110) & stainless steel jar (94009) 3-qt jar 13" x 8 15⁄16" x 15 1⁄2" 5-15P 120 AC 517 16 lb b WARMERS Topping Warmers 53 52