Server Essentials | 2022 Catalog

53 Specialty Warmers WARMERS Hot and fresh, day and night. Maintain precise temperature without lifting a finger, even as product is depleted. Server Warmers reduce waste, maintain quality and save money — all while heating and serving fresh, delicious food all day long. All Server warmers are backed by a two-year warranty. Thermostats maintain temperature to ensure best flavor, first serving to last. FLAVOR SAVOR Pouches serve up to 98% product evacuation from 97% less packaging. RESPONSIBLY SERVED NSF listed rethermalizers ensure food is quickly & safely heated to 165°F. SAFETY SIMPLE RETHERMALIZATION Soup Warmers Topping Warmers “I am very familiar with the brand. I’ve always used them for warm toppings. They are versatile, easy to clean and have a long life.” Chandon Clenard Senior Director of Foodservice Guckenheimer - 400 B&I locations in 34 states 54 62 56