Server Essentials | 2023 Catalog

Making sustainable dispensing indispensable. “I can’t recall a single complaint.” Fraction Control “Thank you for your continued attention to service and quality.” Earth’s resources aren’t endless. That’s why Server works hard to find new ways to reduce waste, control portions and make the most of each resource we’re given. Our pumps aren’t disposable — instead, we designed them to be durable, reliable and easy to clean, so you can keep pumping out more delicious flavor without wasting a single drop. Server pumps dispense precise portions every time, providing you ultimate cost control. By reducing your portion size by just an eighth of an ounce, which will have no perceivable impact on patron experience, Portion Optimization™ savings can really add up. In this example, a single stainless steel pump that lists for $215 pays for itself in just under six months. Now multiply the annual savings times the number of ingredients you serve every day and you’ll start to see a significant impact on your bottom line! Start saving today by connecting with your local Server representative at Tom Marranca has been an equipment and supply manager for Dairy Queen® for 38 years. In his time supplying Server Pumps and Warmers to locations throughout Canada, he says he receives so few issues with the products, he doesn’t remember any complaints. Not only are our pumps built to last — we build long-term relationships to ensure customer satisfaction. 11 ⁄ 8 oz 7 ⁄ 8 oz 1 ⁄2 oz Portion Optimization™ Savings Reduction Size 1 ⁄8 oz (.125 oz) 1 oz 7 ⁄8 oz Cost Per Serving $0.10 $0.0875 Servings Per Day x 100 x 100 Operating Days Per Year 360 360 Annual Flavor Cost $3,600 $3,150 Annual Savings $450 Make the right choice. Choosing the proper pump prevents operational issues such as overserving, dripping product and overworking (unnecessary force needed to serve). Whether dispensing from original food containers or large, eco-friendly pouches, no one else crafts foodservice pumps quite like we do. Plus, we make it easy to find the perfect pump for your operation. Check out our Pump Selection Guide on page 8 or find additional tips on selecting the proper equipment by learning more with our exclusive online resources. © 2019, Dairy Queen is a registered trademark of the American Dairy Queen Corporation. PUMPS & DISPENSERS Perfect fit for backof-house creations to front-of-house serving stations. Not too much and not too little — just consistently full of flavor. Control costs and squeeze every last drop out of your pump. VERSATILITY PORTION CONTROL WASTE REDUCTION 1 ⁄4 oz 7 6