Server Essentials | 2022 Catalog

EZ-Topper® Pouched Product Merchandisers • A sealed, contaminant-free system is created when the pump pierces a pouch with fitment • Evacuation is excellent; more servings to your patrons means more profit • Cleanliness – pump exterior and food vessel remain clean because topping is contained in the pouch • No water-level monitoring or risk of vapor damage to topping • Pouches occupy less storage space and produce less waste than rigid packaging, helping the environment and reducing operator costs Back 48-oz Pouch 16-mm center fitment Front cutaway pouch perfection Radiant heat from the vessel warms the heater block to keep toppings warm during slow periods. Up to 98% product evacuation & 97% less packaging waste with pouches. Pouch and fitment create sealed, sanitary system without the mess. Dispense from one pouch while pre-heating a second in reserve (shown without reserve pouch); low-profile models eliminate space for pre-heating. EZ-Topper® units use specialized pouched toppings. Contact your food distributor for 48-oz topping pouches with a 16-mm center fitment; currently packaged by: • Ghirardelli Chocolate Company • The Hershey Company • Lyons Magnus • Masterson Company SEE IT IN ACTION AT EZ-TOPPER.COM 60 Topping Warmers