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Pump Selection Guide PUMP STYLE* Stainless Steel See p 9 NEW Touchless Express See p 10-11 Eco PumpsTM See p 13 Server Express® Dispensers SolutionTM Pumps KEY BENEFIT Provides many years of serving high volumes of syrups, condiments or sauces in all temperature applications; with 1⁄8-oz adjustable increments Hand-activated units portion sauces and condiments safely without contact. They’re a better way to serve in a world where safety is everything Eco Pumps™ are made of both stainless steel and plastic to cut costs, not quality, for serving of concentrates, ketchup and sauces from food containers Delivers a high volume of condiments and dressings in fast-paced, institutional and quickserve environments; now includes non-pouched models Economical, lower-volume dispensing of thin syrups to thicker sauces at room temperature APPLICATION AMBIENT P P P P P COLD P P P HOT P WHAT ARE YOU DISPENSING? THIN fountain syrups • oils • hot sauce THICK ketchup • mustard • mayonnaise • bbq THICKER tartar sauce • crafted sauces The food’s consistency influences which style pump is most applicable (what size and shape discharge tube will work for your application). The icons will help guide you to the proper pump, so you don’t end up with dripping or overworking (unnecessary force needed to serve). Express and Solution™ pumps include (3) discharge fittings with varying size openings to accommodate different product consistencies. This recent blog post can help you determine the best discharge fitting size for the food you’re serving. CONTAINERS Models to fit food containers, hot and cold table pans, vegetable insets, fountain, slim and mini jars (1⁄9-size) Pouch models hold 1.5-gal pouch with 16-mm fitment. Direct-Pour model includes 1.3-gal jar for house-made sauces and condiments Models serve from original food containers with 28- or 38-mm threads or mini jars (1⁄9-size) Pouch models work with 1 1⁄2-gal or 96-oz pouches with 16-mm fitment; Direct-Pour Models include 1.3-gal jar (See p 21) Models for food containers, cold table pans, vegetable insets and fountain jars PORTION Max 2 oz (select models), or 1 1⁄4-oz; reduce in 1⁄8-oz increments; allowing Portion Optimization™ Full cycle serves approximately 1 oz; variable portions are achieved by removing hand before cycle is complete Max 1 oz; reduce in 1⁄8-oz increments. BP-1⁄2 and BP-1⁄4 have fixed portions Max 1 oz; reduce in 1⁄4-oz increments Max 1 oz; reduce in 1⁄4-oz increments FLAVOR ID Choose from (9) pump knob colors with custom text options at time of order Includes set of (8) common flavor labels. Create custom graphics with downloadable templates; units are magnet friendly Original food packaging or sourced independently Downloadable templates for custom graphics; magnet friendly Original food packaging or sourced independently *Pumps shown represent general “family” traits to help narrow selection to a specific model Your quick and easy path to finding the perfect pump. Looking for a recommendation? Try the Interactive Pump Finder on our website! 8