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Find the Right Equipment for Your Food Hall

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With their variety of menu offerings, quick service and sit-down dining options as well as the social connectivity offered, food halls have been a popular destination for consumers. For foodservice operators, due to their smaller footprint, investment in these concepts is lower than traditional brick-and-mortar locations.

Chefs can get creative with their menus and restaurant owners only need to invest in minimal foodservice equipment to get up and running. Plus, with the convenience of online ordering and third-party delivery, food hall vendors are able to reach an additional group of consumers who prefer to enjoy varied food choices at home.

Here are a few of our innovative and convenient equipment solutions ideal for smaller spaces that bring ease and efficiency to food hall operations:

Touchless Express™ Dispensers offer a better way to quickly and safely serve condiments and sauces. Motion-activated sensor fields detect a user’s hand to dispense up to 1-oz portions and their conical dispensing field (1” to 3” from sensor eye) prevents unintended dispensing during surface sanitizing.

  • These intuitive equipment solutions are available as a countertop or a drop-in unit in a compact self-contained design. From thin syrups and oils to ketchup and mayo and even thicker sauces like tartar and relish, each model has the capacity to dispense a variety of sauce consistencies for exceptional versatility.
  • Choose from single units that accept 1.5-gallon condiment pouches with 16-mm fitments or a 1.3-gallon jar that can be filled with the condiment of your choice.
  • We’ve also added two new Touchless Express models to our innovative lineup: Triple and Quintuple Stations. Offer more of patrons’ favorite sauces and condiments at one time and utilize our 8-piece label set for easy flavor identification – included with all models.

In the event foods need to stay warm and fresh for extended periods of time, our warmers keep foods at safe and precise temperatures all day. Our Soup Warmers come in 5-, 7- or 11-quart capacity and in single, twin, and triple insets for a variety of heating options. Use our Single and Twin Topping Warmers that provide even heating of sweet and savory toppings, these convenient warmers reduce waste and save time and money.

IntelliServ® Warmers are another great option for food hall restaurants that need to prepare and hold smaller batches of sauces and toppings without sacrificing a lot of counter space.

The ability to test a variety of new menu concepts is yet one more perk for food hall operators. Risk is low and rewards can be profitable if a concept does well. Our Tiered and Mini Countertop Stations have small footprints but hold a large range of ingredients to use across all dayparts and menu applications.

From beverage flavorings and snacks to dry toppings and cold ingredients, these stations keep foods prepped and ready and your counters clean and organized. Plus, we offer a custom station solution that allows for quick changeovers of daypart LTOs. Follow the four easy steps outlined in our Station Creation Guide.

Find our full line of innovative products and point-of-use dispensing and holding equipment here.