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Mother's Day Dining

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Mother's Day Has Guests Moving Away from Home Cooking

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Holidays offer the perfect occasion for sharing a meal with the family. As more and more of your customers start venturing away from home to dine out, you have a profitable opportunity to leverage an increase in consumer comfort levels and a resurgence in on-site traffic. Morning Consult indicates that 68% of U.S. adults said they feel comfortable going out to eat at a restaurant – this is the highest it has been since November. If you’re an operation looking to drive onsite traffic during the spring holidays, start planning and promoting now.

Even though consumers are returning to in-person dining, off-site dining behaviors continue to remain high. Set your operation up for success by accommodating a variety of preferences such as offering special Mother’s Day menus for onsite dining and limiting options of premade meals for delivery or take-home consumption. Server Essentials can help streamline your operation with simple equipment solutions that increase speed, efficiency, and product consistency.


Guests love the variety of options Mother’s Day brunch menus and buffets bring. From scrambled eggs to waffle bars, mini sandwiches, and salads, being flexible and efficient is key.

  • IntelliServ® Warmers keep foods hot, ready, and at steady temperatures all day. They’re perfect for holding egg dishes, sauces, and dressings until you’re ready to serve.
  • Squeeze Bottle Stations allow guests to customize their flavor and choose from a variety of condiments and sauces. Available in ambient and cold options that fit up to 8- 16-oz bottles, Squeeze Bottle stations offer flexibility and functionality to staff and guests.
  • EZ-Topper® Pouched Topping Warmer is ideal for self-serve ice cream and dessert stations. Serve toppings from 48-oz pouches with virtually no mess, product breakdown or waste. Available in single units and twin units which allow staff and guests to dispense from one heated pouch while warming a second in reserve.


Whether accommodating a large group or a family of four, crafting your Mother’s Day menu is especially important.  

  • Use our Topping Warmer with Ladle and Stainless Steel 3-qt Jar to keep your premade glazes warm and ready all day for topping your roasted or smoked bone-in hams.
  • Add back-of-house flexibility while reducing counterspace and increasing speed and consistency with our Fountain Jar Stations. Mix and match bases, lids, pumps, and ladles to leverage your ability for dispensing multiple sauces and toppings.
  • Don’t forget the mocktails and cocktails. Keep drink toppings and ingredients for blended drinks organized and cold until ready to use with our Cold Serving Stations. From pickled ingredients for Bloody Mary’s to indulgence toppings such as toffee chips, chocolate shavings and more, our Cold Serving Stations use 1/6-size pans and ice packs to hold and keep ingredients from sticking together.


Equip your operation for take-home and delivery Mother’s Day meals.

  • Quintuple Touchless Express Dispenser Stations provide quick and safe dispensing of condiments in pre-portioned amounts ideal for finishing, topping, or filling to-go ramekins. Offer up to five condiments and sauces in one station to bring ease and versatility to off-site orders.
  • Mini Stations are convenient ingredient holders for quick access when fulfilling orders to go. From chopped peppers and onions to fresh fruits and candied toppings, Mini Stations save labor and counterspace.
  • Soup Warmers keep selections at consistent temps and allow you to serve up to three different seasonal soups in one unit. From split pea and ham to seafood bisque and vegetarian lentil, Soup Warmers offer flexibility while keeping soups hot and ready for delivery and takeout.

As your customers look forward to celebrating mom, you can ease the burden of cooking at home with prepared menus for onsite visits and catered take-home meals. Make sure you set yourself up for success by requesting reservations for onsite visits and utilizing digital order forms in advance for at-home meals.