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Smart, Simple Equipment Can Ease Labor Shortages

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While foodservice operators are experiencing increased sales and foot traffic over the same time last year, finding and retaining labor continues to be a challenge. And how to sustain and capitalize on this higher traffic volume both onsite and from pickup/delivery is an important challenge to address. One solution to consider is incorporating labor-saving foodservice equipment that can optimize back-of-house productivity.

Shifting to front-of-house self-serve, smart equipment patrons can operate is an easy and efficient strategy that Server has built their reputation on. Touchless Express™ Dispensers and new Triple and Quintuple Stations offer a safer and more efficient way for patrons to dispense their favorite condiments from contactless, food-safe systems.

This simple switch frees up line cooks from having to fill ramekins with the variety of condiments patrons demand so they can focus on more important tasks. Units are restaurant-ready with no calibration needed – just plug into a standard outlet and they’re ready to dispense.

Here are a few additional options to help reduce labor and service time by streamlining back-of-house workflow:

  • Pouch-Connect, Fountain Jar Pumps: These stainless steel pumps serve precise portions from 48-oz, 16-mm fitment pouches in your heated cabinet, station, or well. Since toppings are contained within the pouch, managers will appreciate the reduction in cleaning time needed from their staff along with the quick changeover of an empty pouch with the simple pierce and lock fitment system.
  • IntelliServ® Warmers: Quickly warm and hold 6-quarts of sauces, soups, and toppings at accurate temperatures from the first serving to the last. The digital temperature display provides instant feedback making it easy for staff to confirm the unit is at a safe heat setting. Plus, food will not scorch no matter the remaining volume, alleviating extra scrubbing and cleaning for burnt-on foods.
  • ConserveWell® Utensil Holders: An eco-friendly replacement for continuous-flow dipper wells, these water-saving units hold utensils above 140°F to protect against bacteria growth and are easy to remove, clean, and replace. A programmable countdown timer and adjustable alarm volume are available on some models that automatically and conveniently alert staff of timely water changeouts for worry-free operation.
  • Mini Stations: Featuring clear, hinged lids for easy viewing, these mini-units bring mighty efficiencies BOH – keeping a variety of prepped foods cold and ready to use for up to 4 hours. Units are mobile, take up little space, and require no power so they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and directly in the workflow.
  • Dry Foodservice Dispensers: From sweeteners to cereals to candy toppings, our portfolio of dry dispensing options can improve speed by dispensing precise portions every time, eliminating the need for staff to measure and serve. Available in wall-mounted and countertop units, these dispensers save space and help keep your kitchen working at peak efficiency.