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Celebrating 70 Years

Serve Better

2019 marked a monumental year for both the National Restaurant Association, as well as Server Products.

In 1919, the NRA was just getting started, and 100 years later, the Association represents an industry that employs about one in 10 working Americans1.

Automatic Butter ServerIn 1949, a friend in the movie industry approached Al Wickesberg, founder of Server Products and a civil engineer in the Milwaukee area, about the need for an easy and efficient way to melt and serve butter for freshly popped theater popcorn. Devoting himself to solving this dilemma, Al worked on this project in the basement of his father-in-law's mill in Menomonee Falls after his day job and on weekends.

Thus, the industry's first automatic butter warmer and server was born! Word spread, demand grew, and Al decided to quit his day job and form his own company – Alfred Wickesberg Co.

Soon after, Al bought the mill outright, and his company name eventually became Server Products. Using what he learned from the Butter Server, he expanded the product offering to fit standard foodservice containers to dispense a variety of products.Server Pump Ad

His next focus - and passion: ice cream. Setting out to develop a way for operators to heat and dispense fudge, Al created the Fudge Server.

In the 70s, the line expanded yet again to include the Concession sector by offering Nacho, Pretzel, Pizza and Hot Dog serving equipment. By mid-decade, having outgrown the current manufacturing facility at the mill, Al built a new facility in Richfield for manufacturing, and by 2001 a new office building was added in Richfield for the remainder of the Mill employees to relocate.

After being passed down to Al's son Paul in the 80s, as of 2009, Server Products is on its 3rd generation of Wickesberg owners with Kristin Falkner, Al's granddaughter and Paul's daughter, as the current President. Kris took on the additional role of CEO in 2019.

Today, our product line continues to expand and the company continues to grow. We want to thank all of our customers and partners – without your continued support, Server Products would not be the company it is today.