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Calculate your savings with ConserveWell

Calculate your savings with the ConserveWell™ ROI Calculator

Replacing one continuous-flow dipper well with one ConserveWell™ can save more than 14,500 gallons of water per month, as well as reduce your monthly utility bill by over $136.

Restaurants like Frisch's Big Boy have seen significant savings – you can too! Or, see the WaterSmart Innovations study done by Fishnick.

Savings seem too good to be true? Use our ConserveWell™ ROI Calculator – just click "Check the Facts," select how many dipper wells you're looking to replace, and see how quickly your investment will pay for itself!

Looking for even more ways to lessen your environmental footprint? Switch from disposable pumps to Eco™ Pumps and see how much you can lower your operational costs and plastic waste.

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Written by Amanda Lynn