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Case Study: Increasing Savings, Versatility, Speed & Consistency with ProPortion™

Case Studies

Log Cabin Inn of Howards Grove, Wisconsin is so much more than a rural midwestern diner, it’s a Sheboygan County institution. They’ve been serving up great food, fantastic service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere since 1946. Their solid rotation of regulars, decades of service and hundreds of positive online reviews are living proof that the Log Cabin Inn and its staff know how to build a profitable restaurant that keeps diners coming back. While tradition stays alive and well at Log Cabin Inn, it is also no stranger to change or trying new things. One of their most recent changes was to incorporate the ProPortion™ Handheld Dispenser into their back-of-house preparations.


Condiments and sauces are crucial for giving Log Cabin Inn menu items their flavorful homestyle flair. Most items on their menu have a sauce component, so controlling how much product is served creates significant cost savings for a high-volume operation like this one. According to Log Cabin Inn Kitchen Manager Alex Hartlaub, ProPortion™ has helped them do just that. He says, “One of the huge benefits is that it’s an inexpensive unit that basically pays for itself over the course of a few months with the amount of savings you get from all your sauces. Saving half an ounce to an ounce per entrée that we send out can add to hundreds of dollars in savings annually, if not more.”


From basic ketchup, to spicy jalapeno ranch and homemade steakhouse mustard dressing, Log Cabin Inn has flavors across their menu to serve any taste. Equipment that is designed to accommodate many different products and menu items means that staff isn’t limited to what is easiest to dispense. “There are so many different things that can go into this bottle without any issues in terms of thickness, viscosity – between ranch dressing, Thousand Island and mayonnaise,” Hartlaub adds.


Managing a large menu with many specialty ingredients requires a streamlined workflow for food preparation. Ensuring customers receive their order quickly is an important part of Log Cabin Inn’s great service. On keeping things running smoothly back of house, Hartlaub says, “When you’re squeezing something out a squeeze bottle, like Thousand, sometimes those chunks can get stuck in there and trip you up and cause a bit of an issue. With the ProPortion™ unit, you never have that problem.”


For high-volume operations, consistency is key. Serving food that tastes perfect for every customer every time it’s ordered will keep customers coming back. For Log Cabin Inn, adding the perfect amount of condiment to a meal is as much an art as it is a science. “Every single item on our menu is calculated and costed out how much needs to be on there,” Hartlaub says. “This allows us to better regulate, better control and ensure that we are serving our best product every time.”

Log Cabin Inn has decades of experience that make it the restaurant it is today – and with ProPortion™ dispensers controlling portions, saving money, speeding up service and creating consistency, they’ve invested in many more decades to come. To see how ProPortion™ could make a difference for your operation, read Selecting the Proper ProPortion™ Style for Your Business. And to make sure you never miss out on a Server Products blog post, subscribe below.