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Choosing Discharge Fittings


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Determining the best express condiment dispenser discharge fitting size for your food


Like our stainless steel pumps, our standard Express dispensers and Touchless Express dispensers have discharge tubes that differ in size in order to dispense condiments and toppings of varying consistencies. But using the wrong fitting for your condiments can create unnecessary mess due to dripping or too much dispensing force causing a food product to spray. Using the correct discharge fitting size will positively impact both dine-in and carry out operations.

Each Express includes three discharge fittings: small, medium, and large. Whether you use pouched toppings and condiments or craft and serve your own food products with our Direct-Pour Touchless Express, here are a few pointers to select the proper discharge fitting:


More fluid food products such as drink flavor concentrates and vinegary hot sauces do not create much resistance as they are dispensed. Using the size Small discharge fitting will ensure these food products do not drip between dispenses. Remember: if your sauce or syrup has a consistency similar to water, your best bet is the Small.


For the majority of your food products, the Medium size discharge fitting will work best. Toppings and condiments the thickness of the average ketchup, mustard or dressing such as ranch or French.

For these food products – and anything thicker – using too small of a fitting not only increases the force needed to dispense when using a standard, manual Express dispenser, but the increased resistance causes the product to dispense more forcefully from both the manual and Touchless Express – possibly splattering condiments as they come into contact with a souffle cup or menu item.


For slow-moving condiments like mayonnaise or thick, house-made sauces, the Large size discharge fitting provides the widest opening, allowing toppings to pass more easily. Any dressings or toppings with particulates, such as Thousand Island dressing, salsas with small chunks, or tartar sauce, will need to use the Large as well, as it is the only fitting that allows for particulates up to ¼-inch.

For a quick reference use our Touchless Express Application Guide and start reducing mess and saving time while filling ramekins or to-go condiment cups.