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Touchless Future of Restaurants


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4 Reasons to Go Touchless

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Written in partnership with FER Magazine.

To provide an alternative for consumers shying away from condiment bottles at the table and traditional stations that require touching a shared pump, we designed a new type of condiment dispenser that doesn’t require any physical contact to operate. Our line of Touchless Express™ dispensers utilize a sensor to detect a user’s hand near the sensor eye and dispense up to one ounce of condiment, topping or sauce. In addition to satisfying customer desire for contactless dispensing, Touchless Express dispensers also offer key operational benefits for restaurant operators and their staff:

  1. Safety: When used front of house, Touchless Express dispensers minimize contact between customers and staff. When used back of house, these dispensers minimize contact between staff members in the food prep workflow. Fewer contact points means fewer opportunities to transfer potential contaminants.
  2. Ease: Very little training is required to set up, use and maintain our touchless units. To set up the units, there isn’t any calibration needed and the units can simply be plugged in, sanitized and switched on before use in an operation. Touchless dispensers provide a single contact point with stainless steel construction that is easy to sanitize, and can effortlessly replace condiment packets that are nearly impossible to keep disinfected. To replace the condiment pouch, these Touchless units use the same process as existing Express pumps.
  3. Versatility: Each Touchless Express unit can serve a variety of pouched or poured-in sauces, toppings or condiments. With three different discharge fitting options, one unit can be configured to serve thin, thick or thicker foods when needed. For house-made sauces and toppings, the direct-pour unit can accommodate a changing rotation of custom flavors. Explore this guide to see how many different foods these units can serve.
  4. Profitability: Like all of our existing pumps, our Touchless units have portion control capabilities. Serving consistent portions helps control food costs and maintain margins, especially for specialty condiments and signature house-made sauces. Touchless Express dispensers take the guesswork out of portion control by serving up a maximum of one ounce.


To find a unit that best fits your operation, view the options here. Three styles are currently available to order: countertop units for either pouched or poured in condiments and a drop-in unit for pouched condiments. Connect with a sales representative here to discuss product details or work together to place your order.