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How Touchless Express™ Dispensers Help a QSR Save Money

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Kraverz, a big name in small-ish town Menomonee Falls, WI has been serving up fresh food, made-to-order for their loyal guests since 2009. The owners and brothers, Dave and Amit Iljazi set their standards high for quality food and great service. Fresh ingredients are a must. Kraverz serves burgers that are never frozen, top-grade gyro meat and custard made fresh every day. It’s no wonder they serve 400 plus sandwiches a day during the week and closer to 1000 a day on the weekend, not counting drive through. Now those are pretty impressive numbers!

Kraverz added a Touchless Express™ Countertop Dispenser to help streamline their operation and we recently checked in with Amit to see how the product was working for them. They use the Touchless Express Dispenser front-of-house for patron self-service. 

“It’s been great,” Amit says. “Our customers have really seemed to enjoy using it and I’ve seen quite a few tell others that they’re eating with, that it’s pretty cool.” He goes on to say, “It might take them a second to figure out how to hold their hand in front of the sensor, but they always get it.”

Touchless Express Dispensers feature zero contact PerfectSense™ technology which detects a user’s hand to safely dispense up to 1-oz servings. Today’s diner expects a technology driven experience and those tech solutions can directly spur customers to visit restaurants.1 Touchless Express Dispensers provide a techy-savvy solution to traditional pump condiment dispensers. 

“We make patrons get their own ketchup for dine-in orders and utilize a Touchless Express dispenser. By making this switch, they take less ketchup which saves us money,” Amit admits. “Plus, we save even more money by using bulk pouches vs packets. For ketchup, we save over $100 a week as we’re not just giving away packets.”

This innovative equipment uses 1.5-gallon pouches with a 16 mm fitment for a completely sealed and sanitary system that delivers up to 98% evacuation – a cost-effective solution that dispenses more servings and produces less packaging waste than packets. In fact, one 192-oz pouch is equal to 640- 0.3-oz condiment packets which are not recyclable or biodegradable.

Touchless Express Dispensers provide a more environmentally-friendly way to portion patron favorites versus condiment packets, and the industry is taking notice. These cutting-edge dispensers earned a 2021 Innovation Award selected by Smartbrief and the National Restaurant Association honoring the best product innovations designed to help foodservice operators and professionals work smarter, safer and more sustainably.

To learn more about how Touchless Express Dispensers can work in your operation and provide a safe, more sustainable alternative to condiment packets check out our Packet-Problem Infographic and our blog post Stop Wasting Money on Germy Portion Packets. And, when you’re in southeast Wisconsin, make sure to stop by Kraverz for a jumbo burger, signature sandwich and bowl of fresh custard.

1Modern Restaurant Management, July 2021