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How to Assemble and Load a ProPortion Handheld Food Dispenser


How to Assemble and Load a ProPortion Handheld Dispenser


Using a portion-controlled handheld dispenser like ProPortion® helps bring precision, accuracy and speed to any operation. To get the best performance out of your unit and to keep it working properly for its entire lifespan, the unit must be correctly assembled and loaded with product. Follow the steps below to put together your ProPortion unit and fill it with the food of your choice.


Step 1: Clean all ProPortion parts

Before using your unit, dissemble it and clean either by hand or in a dishwasher. Then sanitize and air dry all parts. If hand washing, do not use abrasive scrubbers on the body or the valves. Using a soft sponge or cloth is recommended.

Step 2: Install valve and diverter into cover

Select either the green, yellow or blue valve depending on the thickness of the food you are dispensing. Push your finger into the slits in the valve to open them fully. Then push the valve into the cover, being sure to align the shapes on the front of the valve with the cut-outs in the cover. Press the diverter into the valve, pressing all of the shapes into the matching cut-outs.

Step 3: Screw cover onto body

Now that the cover is fully assembled with the valve and diverter, screw it onto the ProPortion body. Make sure the cover is screwed on tightly to avoid leaking at the base of the unit.

Step 4: Load food into ProPortion body

To fill, simply pour food into the body. Use volume increments marked on the side to fill to a maximum of 750 mL or 25 ounces. To avoid trapping air, fill the body to at least 20 ounces.

Step 5: Connect the seal and piston to the rod

Press the seal onto the piston. With the ridge of the piston facing upwards, click the rod into the piston. Using the rod-release, adjust the length of the piston so it can easily reach the top of the food product in the next step.

Step 6: Fit the piston into the body

Your ProPortion unit will come with the ½ oz. tab installed. To change the portion tab, follow these steps. To insert the piston into the body, hold the handle at an angle. Keep the piston tilted until it reaches the surface of the food, and then level the piston against the food to expel any air. There should be no space between the piston and the food.

Step 7: Secure the handle

If necessary, press and hold the rod release to lower the handle onto the body of the unit. Remove your finger from the rod release when the handle falls into place on the body. Twist the handle to snap the tabs into the closed position.

Step 8: Prime the dispenser for use

After filling, the portion tab will still be in its fully open position, so squeeze the trigger to engage the portion tab underneath the trigger. Squeezing the trigger to properly engage the portion tab will expel some product, but all subsequent squeezes will dispense the portion size dictated by the inserted portion tab.

To view more step-by-step videos or using your ProPortion® Handheld Dispenser, check out this playlist.