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Keeping up with C-Store Foodservice Traffic

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After a disappointing 2020, operators and customers alike are tenderly tiptoeing into 2021 with tentative optimism. Luckily, the convenience store foodservice industry in particular is projected to rebound by 31% in 2021[1]. This means c-store operators can enjoy a certain level of confidence in investing in solutions that can accommodate higher foodservice traffic in the coming months.

When asked why they are increasing their c-store foodservice purchases, consumers said high-quality food was the number one reason[2]. And 86% of consumers say quality is important when choosing where to order from c-store foodservice[3]. Quality can hold different meanings for different consumers, but real ingredients and fresh-prepared foods are in demand across the entire foodservice industry.

Sanitation is also a critical factor when consumers are choosing foodservice options. The good news is that 65% percent of consumers said c-stores are doing a good job of frequently cleaning and sanitizing surfaces[4]. And a majority 79% of consumers expect c-stores to continue focusing on sanitation[5]. So, not only are consumers demanding high-quality foodservice options from their c-stores, but they also need a sanitary environment in order to feel comfortable.

Choosing the right equipment for c-store foodservice can make it easier on operators to offer a program that meets consumers’ quality and sanitation requirements. The Direct-Pour Touchless Express dispenser supports a sanitary foodservice program and can be filled with any condiment, sauce or topping. For grab-and-go and made-to-order items, individual condiment containers can be filled without any contact with the dispenser.  And because it serves from a 1.3-gallon jar, operators can even fill this dispenser with customized speed-scratch flavors that are easy to change out for daypart or LTO rotations. For back-of-house and front-of-house use, operators can protect staff and customers by providing a touch-free manner of self-serve dispensing.


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