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Banana Split


Make Server's ProPortion™ Work for Your Business


So you’ve decided to utilize Server’s ProPortion™ handheld dispenser as a part of your operation. But there is an important decision you need to make before your purchase.

Do I go single or triple tip?

While this list isn’t all-encompassing, nor do you have to use the dispenser in these ways, our goal is to support you in choosing the model that will best suit your operation.

When deciding on a single tip or triple tip model, think about the area you need to cover with your toppings. Are you going for a nice, even dollop of chipotle sauce on a round burger or fudge on a sundae? Or do you need a stripe of strawberry syrup across a banana split or sriracha sauce on a hot dog?

The general rule of thumb is: if you’re going for a single dollop, go with the triple tip; if you need to top a longer food item or fill a small container like a souffle cup, go for the single tip.

But ultimately, it all boils down to preference. If you’d like to dress a submarine sandwich with a triple tip, that is a-okay!

Which valve size should I use?

Regardless of whether you chose a single or triple tip, each dispenser comes with (3) valve types: small, medium and large. Each valve is color-coded for quick identification – use our Application Guide as a reference.

Like many of our other pumps, the valves have different sized openings in order to eliminate product drips from very thin foods or allow thicker or particulate sauces to pass through.ProPortion Dispenses Key

The green, small valve is for your most fluid sauces like olive oil, hot sauce or dessert syrups. Think of toppings that generally find their level quickly when their containers are jostled.

The yellow, medium valve will work with the widest variety of toppings – think of foods with the consistency of ketchup, mustard, sour cream and most salad dressings. Heated cheese sauce is also popping up on menus across the world – this sized valve will come in handy if you’re looking to dress a dish of cheese fries or top a nacho-themed sandwich.

The blue, large valve is reserved for sauces that include small particulates or thicker sauces like mayo, tapenade, or homemade, crafted sauces.

As with any homemade sauce, everyone makes it differently. If your prep cooks prefer leaving a few pureed chunks of tomato in their ketchup for a unique texture rather than blending until smooth, you may need to use your best judgment on valve size.

As we continue to test various ingredients, we’ll keep you updated on the best valve to use for each.

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