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Minimize Profit Loss & Food Waste

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Minimizing Profit Loss and Food Waste

Written in partnership with Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine

Serve Better

The foodservice industry runs on pennies, so anything operators can do to save money and minimize food waste is a win-win.

“Server Products Inc. is dedicated to providing solutions for foodservice operators for long-term cost savings,” says John Rayburn, the company’s director of product innovation.

When it comes to portioning, ladles have been commonly used for liquids. The problem lies with inaccurate and inconsistent measurements as well as splashing and spilling during use.

A better alternative, Server’s portion control pumps deliver precise portions for consistent flavor and a quality guest experience without over portioning and wasting product and money. Plus, these stainless steel pumps are clean-in-place certified and can provide years of service versus continually replacing disposable pumps.

Pump portion sizes range from 1/8 to 2 fl oz in 1/8 increments for more precise measuring.

“We had an operator reduce their soufflés serving size from 1 oz to 7/8 oz with a Server pump,” says Rayburn. “The customer cannot tell the difference, but it saved the operator a dollar a day per flavor, which is a big benefit with profit margins.”

Operators can dial in their necessary portion increments to accommodate different recipes and different menu item sizes such as Small, Medium or Large drinks. This ensures staff is only using the ingredient amounts needed to mitigate food waste.

“For those who question the cost of a portion control pump, they need to break it down and look at the return on investment,” says Rayburn. “A pump used in a high-volume operation that lasts 20 years can pay for itself in just six months.”

Another profit protector, Server Products’ dry dispensers can accurately dispense portions of dry foods, candies, sweeteners and seasonings for consistent flavor and nutritional transparency, reducing waste. Measuring from 1/16 tsp up to 2 fl oz, these systems feature adjustable portion control and multiple portion options. Available in squeeze trigger and wall-mounted versions, the dry dispensers are commonly used for drink inclusions as well as toppings and mix ins for consistent, clean measuring you can’t get with a spoon.

Rather than utilizing a range and dirtying a pan to reheat food, Server Products’ full line of warmers help eliminate waste with temperature sensing thermostats or digital temperature controls. Consistent temperatures are maintained from the first serving to the last, without burning or scorching the contents. The countertop warmers’ calibrated thermostat ensures the correct temperature is set. In addition, the units come with moisture trapping lids so condensation does not make its way outside the warmer and cause a big wet mess.

“Another advantage is that these warmers are NSF-certified to also serve as rethermalizers,” says Rayburn. “This means the equipment can bring sauce or soup up to temperature as opposed to having to use a range and pan for reheating.”

Server Products’ portion control and warming equipment helps minimize waste, increase efficiencies and, most importantly, add to an operator’s bottom line, making these valuable additions to any commercial kitchen.