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Touchless Express Dispensers


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Introducing the Touchless Express™ Condiment Dispensers

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We are excited to announce the addition of new Touchless Express™ Dispensers to our existing portfolio of sauce and condiment dispensers. These motion-activated dispensing units are the first pumps of their kind to serve toppings without physical contact with the unit. Touchless Express dispensers use motion-sensing technology to detect the user’s hand and dispense from either a 1 ½-gallon pouch or a custom 1.3-gallon jar.



Touchless Express dispensers use PerfectSense™ technology to identify the user’s hand when held between one and six inches away from the sensor eye. This precise window allows staff or customers to dispense a portion smaller than the maximum one ounce by removing their hand from the field before the dispensing cycle completes. The size of the window also prevents the sensor from detecting pass-by activity if the Touchless Express is placed in a busy location. Staff can quickly and easily sanitize the surface of the pump without unintentionally dispensing a portion when carrying out cleaning tasks.

Three units are currently available to safely dispense thin, thick or very thick condiments, sauces and toppings. The Touchless models have the same footprint and the same easy-to-clean stainless steel construction as our existing Express dispensers. The Touchless Express Single Countertop unit dispenses from a 1 ½-gallon condiment pouch, as does the Touchless Express Single Drop-in unit. For dispensing house sauces, the Touchless Express Countertop Direct-Pour unit dispenses from a fountain jar with a capacity of 1.3 gallons/4.9 liters.

The Touchless Express line was developed to increase sanitation measures from COVID-19. With 81% of patrons seeking restaurants with a safe environment and strict safety precautions[1], the Touchless Express dispensers make it easy for foodservice operations to increase safety by limiting contact between humans and food products. When placed back-of-house, the unit helps reduce contact between staff members. If placed front-of-house for patrons to use, it eliminates contact from customer to customer when engaging a shared dispenser. These dispensers are also simple for staff to set up – it only needs to be loaded, sanitized and plugged into the outlet before serving. A simple on/off switch controls power to the unit, so it can easily be powered down at the end of service or if needed when cleaning.

Touchless Express Units are currently available for preorder and are expected to be in distribution in September 2020.


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