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Reasons to Take Extra Care When Buying Online

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We’ve all ordered something from an online site and, when it came in the mail, it turned out to be something different than what we ordered: maybe it looks similar but doesn’t have the correct logo or brand name, it’s something completely different than what we expected, or it doesn’t work at all how the description says.

Upon looking back at the online listing, we realize the wrong picture was associated to the wrong page. These things happen – it was probably an honest mistake. We'll be the first to admit, when we first redesigned our website, we had a few glitches to iron out as well. But what if the majority of reviews say whatever we bought doesn’t work or look as described? It’s all the more reason to look carefully at a listing and reviews before investing hard-earned money into purchasing something online.

It’s the same with restaurant equipment. Online dealers have expansive websites, and sometimes keeping every listing straight can be tough – especially if companies have similar products. And when restaurants buy something it’s usually because they needed it yesterday. They can’t afford to send things back and wait for the right product.

Take Server for example.

Not all stainless steel pumps are created equal. Some dealers sell Server look-alikes for less money – some even have a similar build. But when you receive the final product, you can feel how certain pieces just don’t seem to fit together quite right.

Cheaply made pumps may sell for less, but a quick read of the reviews can reveal the pains you’ll encounter for saving that dollar or two. Pumps that leak, drip, break – the list goes on.

If a piece of information on a product page seems fishy, check manufacturer Specification Sheets for the most reliable product information. Data can be inaccurately uploaded to websites, usually at no fault of the dealer – technology isn’t perfect. In the past, we’ve seen Server stainless steel pump listings falsely claiming to contain BPA – be sure to view manufacturer spec sheets for reliable product info.

Not only do we update our specification sheets regularly to reflect any changes, but our Quality team goes to incredible lengths to ensure all of our pumps – and other pieces of equipment, at that – meet the standards operators have grown to depend upon.

If you ever find online-store errors, give the site a hand and send them an email - they'll probably appreciate the extra set of eyes!