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Safe, Successful C-Store Foodservice is Within Reach

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Even though this past year has seen stark changes in how consumers are purchasing food, convenience stores are in a unique position to serve customers and thrive in 2021. The c-store foodservice industry is projected to rebound by 31% in 2021, according to Technomic, and consumers have specific preferences for when and how they’ll return to c-stores for food purchases. Adjust your program to enjoy much-needed c-store success in 2021. 

For consumers to feel comfortable returning to c-store foodservice, a sanitary environment is mandatory. In fact, 79% of consumers expect c-stores to continue focusing on sanitation.[1] Across the entire c-store this encompasses practices like increased surface cleanings and leveraging touchless payment solutions. But for food operations specifically, increased sanitation efforts may require the help of innovative new equipment with touchless capabilities to ensure a high standard of cleanliness.

One helpful component of a safe c-store foodservice operation is a touchless condiment dispenser. The majority (52%) of consumers plan to resume traditional c-store foodservice purchase behaviors within a week of restrictions being lifted in their home state, while 75% said they’ll do so within a month.1 And especially with 74% of consumers planning on returning to self-serve beverages, bakery and roller-grill items in c-stores once restrictions lift in their areas[2], introducing touchless food serving solutions like the Touchless Express™ dispenser are critical for ensuring patron safety and trust.

Whether used with pouched or direct-pour condiments, Touchless Express™ dispensers are a completely hands-free condiment serving solution. Using motion-sensing technology, these dispensers serve the user’s desired portion when they hold their hand one to three inches away from the sensor eye. They offer c-store operators the opportunity to allow self-serve condiment dispensing without creating a common touchpoint for customers. With fully stainless steel construction, Touchless Express™ dispensers also can easily and quickly be cleaned and sanitized.

To learn more about the available Touchless Express™ units, see all of them here. To compare the cost of using a touchless dispenser compared to condiment packets, check out Stop Wasting Money on Germy Portion Packets. Our team is always available to help you build a safe and efficient foodservice program, simply reach out to us here to discuss solutions that fit your business.

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