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Tacos with sour cream ProPortion

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Introducing Server's ProPortion™ | Squeeze More Profits

Serve Better

Server’s newest innovation, the ProPortion™ handheld dispenser solves some of foodservice operators’ most prominent pain points.

Reduce operating costs

According to Toast Restaurant Success in the 2018 Report, 59 percent of restaurant operators report that hiring, training and retaining staff was their top challenge to success in 2018.

A less-skilled labor force coupled with high employee turnover rates makes consistency back of house difficult to achieve, and managers are tasked with training each new hire and retraining new employees after those previous new hires leave the position.

The report also states 41 percent of restaurant operators named high operating and food costs as their top challenge in 2018.

Save valuable time

Server’s ProPortion™ works with both poured-in product as well as product packaged in Cryovac FlexPrep® pouches. These award-winning, sealed pouches speed product changeouts, increase shelf life, and protect foods against possible contamination.

With the ProPortion™, operators will save valuable time building menu items – rather than bringing food to the condiment, the portable dispenser lets you bring the condiment to the food. Dispense straight onto a finished product, or add sauce to proteins as they’re grilled to act as a marinade.

Improve customer experience

Set and forget portion sizes. Six interchangeable Portion Tabs eliminate the portioning guesswork encountered with squeeze bottles. The ProPortion™ ensures flavor profiles of each menu item will be the same no matter who makes it – dish after dish, day after day across all locations.

Accurate portions also means food cost savings. Homemade sauces are expensive, and ensuring employees aren’t dishing out too much of the “secret sauce” keeps costs in check.

Reduce food waste

Also, when compared to squeeze bottles, the ProPortion™ achieves higher product evacuation, meaning less condiments get washed down the drain during cleaning.

Dispensers are dishwasher safe and disassemble, making for easier cleaning – how many times have you seen ketchup remnants along the ridge of a squeeze bottle?

Ready to invest in a time-saving, cost-reducing dispenser? We're here to help!



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