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Feeding students amid supply chain disruptions

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“Due to the current global supply chain shortages…” Surely, by now, many of us have seen signs, memos, or notices that have started with or included this phrase. It feels like every industry has been impacted in one way or another by the current shortage.

The foodservice industry is no exception. Many restaurants have resorted to limited menus, scaling down hours, and even partial closures. What happens when restaurants cannot scale back hours or provide a limited menu? This is the difficult reality of campus dining operators. Thousands of students and staff with varying dietary preferences and limitations rely on campus dining for the majority of their everyday meals. Additionally, these food operators are called to provide the most cost-effective manors possible. During the current global supply chain shortage, where there is no steady supply of any one product, campuses have needed to adapt the food items they can provide.

At Server, we have witnessed food supply flexibility when it comes to portion-controlled front-of-house condiment dispensing. With the prices of condiment packets surging, operators wish to turn to cost-effective and more sustainable pouches. However, when there is no certainty that the same brand that can be purchased one week will be available the next, proprietary condiment pumps are no longer a feasible option. Our Touchless Express™ product line grants operators the ability to use multiple suppliers for their pouched or direct-pour condiments without needing to change their dispensing solutions. They’re a smart and environmentally friendly way to portion patron favorites. Server Products is ready to provide you with adaptive solutions prepared for your needs of tomorrow with our line of products that are truly intelligent by design.

Touchless Express™ Dispensers are available in Single, Triple and Quintuple stations:

  • Single Countertop pouch & Direct-Pour and Drop-In pouch
  • New Triple Countertop pouch & Drop-In pouch
  • New Quintuple Countertop pouch and Drop-In pouch