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Plant-Based Menu Items


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Serving equipment for plant-based menu items

Operators are not inexperienced when it comes to adapting menus to serve specific diets. Today’s challenge is the growing demand for plant-based food options. It is no longer uncommon to see a Beyond Burger on the menu alongside the classic beef burger. Fortunately, utilizing a few versatile pieces of foodservice equipment can streamline service for both plant and meat-based menu items 

Here are a few equipment options for serving plant- and meat-based menu items:

IntelliServ® 1/3-Food Pan Warmer: Quickly warms and holds 6-quarts of sauce, soup, or topping at the proper serving temperature from the first serving to the last. This water-bath food warmer only needs 8” of counter space to hold a beef- and plant-based sauce; simply configure with two 1/6-size pans and cover with lift-off lids or pumps.

Commercial Soup Warmers - Twin & Triple with 5-Quart Insets: From creamy potato soup to chicken tortilla, these compact, rethermalizing soup stations heat quickly and keep each inset of soup at the perfect serving temperature. The individual temperature-sensing thermostats ensure accurate, even heat to maintain superior flavor and texture from the first serving to the last.

Server Touchless Express® Automatic Condiment Dispensers: Allow patrons to safely add craveable condiments and sauces to their food. These motion-activated dispensers are available as a countertop or a drop-in unit in a compact, self-contained design. From thin syrups and oils to ketchup and mayo and even thicker sauces like tartar and relish, touchless dispensers serve a variety of shelf-stable sauce consistencies for exceptional versatility.