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Top Equipment for 2022


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Top Equipment For Your Commercial Kitchen In 2022

Businesses working in the food industry know how important it is to choose the right equipment for their foodservice operation. Optimizing efficiency back-of-house and front-of-house with a few thoughtful equipment decisions ensures that team members can prep, cook, bake, wash and execute all aspects of the restaurant easily. To help achieve a smoother and more efficient operation, our team created a list of essential products to put in your commercial kitchen or restaurant in 2022. 

Versatile Warmers

IntelliServ® Warmers provide the flexibility and functionality you expect for exceptional performance all day long. This rethermalizer heats food from a chilled state through the HAACP danger zone to a safe serving temperature quickly. This means gravies, sauces, or proteins can be heated and served from the same pan – no extra dishes. Plus, our temperature-sensing thermostats ensure food product doesn’t burn to your insets, which simplifies end-of-day cleanup.

Top reasons to add an IntelliServ Warmer to your kitchen or restaurant:

  • Warm up to 6 quarts in 8” of space
  • Customize for topping, finishing, or platescaping with pumps, ladles, or squeeze bottles
  • Digital display provides instant feedback of heat setting and status
  • Precise temperature controller and innovative design ensures accurate holding of delicate soups and sauces from the first serving to the last
  • NSF listed rethermalizer – heat and serve from the same unit and quickly heat to a safe serving temperature before bacteria has an opportunity to develop
Sanitary Dispensing

Health, safety, and sanitation are top-of-mind for operators and customers alike; selecting the right equipment helps support an all-around safer experience. With 81% of patrons seeking restaurants with a safe environment and strict safety precautions, Server Touchless Express® Dispensers make it easy for foodservice operations to increase safety by limiting contact between humans and food products.

Top reasons to add a Server Touchless Express Dispenser to your kitchen or restaurant:

  • PerfectSense technology detects user’s hand to auto-dispense up to a 1-oz portion; removing hand stops serving early
  • Hygienic alternative to portion packets
  • Pouch dispensers achieve up to 98% product evacuation
  • Restaurant ready – just plug into a standard outlet and start dispensing
  • Earned a 2021 Safety and Health Solutions Innovation Award from SmartBrief and The National Restaurant Association
Conserving Water

Perpetual-flow dipper well sinks often used to place utensils for quick cleaning between uses, can waste a lot of energy and water. Our heated ConserveWell® utensil holders provide an eco-friendly alternative to continuous-flow dipper wells by using only 600 gallons of water a year compared to continuous-flow dipper wells which can use up to 500 gallons of water a day. They also ensure that utensils are safely held above 140°F to prevent bacteria growth – an added bonus for maintaining guest safety while saving money on water and energy.

Top reasons to add a ConserveWell to your kitchen or restaurant:

  • Drops into most existing counter cut-outs for perpetual flow dipper wells
  • Convenient key slot mounting brackets make removal for cleaning quickly and easy
  • Holds knives, scoops, spoons, tongs, and other short-handled serving utensils
  • Holds utensils above 140°F, keeping them safe from bacteria growth
  • Available with or without a timer, which helps ensure timely water changeouts