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ConserveWell with Timer | 230V UK

Model:CWP/N:87949GTIN:687329042579List:$1,175.02 USD
  • ConserveWell with Countdown Timer
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Fast Facts

ConserveWell® holds serving utensils above 60°C, keeping them safe against bacteria growth. This environmentally friendly method of rinsing and holding replaces the need for a perpetual-flow sink while saving water, energy, and money.

Ideal For
  • Safely holding knives, scoops, spoons, tongs and other short-handled serving utensils
  • Ice cream dishers (non-gel-filled) for blended treats. Note: because warmed dishers may create a thin layer of ice upon contact, operators should determine if ConserveWell is suitable for a hand-scooped presentation
  • Mounting to a wall or sturdy vertical surface with convenient key slot mounting brackets
  • Programable, countdown timer helps ensure timely water change-outs
Supported Plug Types:
Serving Application:
Why ConserveWell®?

Wanting to be more environmentally responsible, a major US-based chain challenged Server to replace their need for a traditional dipper well sink that used an average of 30-60 gallons of water per hour; keeping bacteria off utensils.

We learned conventional continuous-flow dipper wells use over 250,000 gallons of water every year. However, if utensils are held above 60ºC it keeps them safe from bacteria growth while saving water, energy, and money.

 ConserveWell ROI Calculator
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ConserveWell Utensil Holder helps your bottom line.
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  • ConserveWell™ Service Utensil Holder
    ConserveWell™ Service Utensil Holder

    Environmentally friendly method of rinsing and protecting utensils against bacteria growth versus traditional dipper wells; one unit can save over 250,000 gallons of water per year

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