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Discontinued | Kettle Server 7 qt (6.6 L)

Model:KSP/N:84290List:$0.00 USD
  • Kettle Server 7 qt (6.6 L)

The Kettle Server is a warmer/cooker that is constructed of a lightweight aluminum base and stainless steel water vessel. Its durable textured coating eliminates fingerprints and keeps your serving area presentable. An adjustable thermostat senses food temperature and turns the heating element on or off as needed eliminating burning or scorching. And the exclusive hinged lid returns moisture to the food to retain your original flavor and consistency. The stainless steel inset with hinged lid has an 7 qt (6.6 L) capacity. The right side handle assists in opening the lid ergonomically, removing the risk of reaching over dangerous steam.

Supported Plug Types:
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  • 2-Year Warranty
  • GTIN: 687329016136
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Dimensional Weight30 lb | 13.6 kg
International Dim Wt36 lb | 16.3 kg

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