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Discontinued | Express System - Round, Polished

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  • OD | Express System - Round Polished
  • Pump Only

We're sorry. Production for this specific unit has been discontinued as of January 2019. If you own this item, please know it carries our warranty for two years from the date of purchase as promised.

For your consideration, a direct replacement would be the same dispenser, except with a black shroud vs. stainless steel (07010).


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  • Express Manual
    Express Dispensers | Manual 01534-P

    Manual for Express | Various Models | Includes: Safety, Drop-In Units, Pump Model, Pump Assembly, Setup, Portion Control, Disassembly, Cleaning, Stainless Steel Care, Troubleshooting

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Resource Documents

  • Product Update Bulletin | Discontinued 07030 Express
    Update Bulletin | Discontinued 07030 Express

    Effective immediately, Server Products will discontinue the round, stainless steel Express™ dispenser. See bulletin for additional information and suggested alternative.

  • Duckbill Express Pump
    PUB | Discontinued Pump Parts

    Effective 2016-12 | SERVER will discontinue the previous generation Express Pump (part 07537) Change: Use replacement pump part 07794


Why is the dome popping off the pump housing?


To avoid this headache in the future, it's good to know this is typically a simple fix. A little process fine tuning and we can put this behind us.

Checking for proper dome installation is done by observing the edges where it meets the pump housing. If all the lines around the dome edges are within the pump housing, it was installed correctly. Many times operators think the dome is installed completely because it seems "snug", yet a few of the dome edge lines are still visible from the side.

Lastly, it's possible some residual product may be causing pressure build up and a good cleaning will solve the problem; disassemble fully, thoroughly clean and air dry before setup again.


Why does my Express pump dispense a little or no product?


When this happens, the first place to look is under the lid to see if the product pouch is empty. With the lid in hand, you're able to confirm if the roller is installed onto the lever. If those two things looks good, deeper investigation is necessary.

Gently remove the pump and attached pouch from the vessel. Check to make sure the pump dome is installed completely - that means all the lines around the dome edges are within the pump housing. If all your moving parts look good, it's time to check the connection of the pump to the pouch.

Is the pouch fully pierced? A good way to be sure is to push the pump connecter piece further into the pouch fitment. If you hear a snap or click, it's in place now and you should be back in business.


Why doesn't this lid fit properly? Is it bent or misshapen? What happened to it?


First check to see if the dome is installed properly (see Dome Pops Off). If it's not the dome, the culprit tends to be the condiment bag within; it typically occurs with a new/full bag. An air gap may be preventing it from siting fully within the base with adequate room for the roller to make a proper connection with the pump dome.

Here's what I've done... Taking care not to separate the pouch from the pump, smooth out or reseat how the pouch rests in the bottom of the vessel and try installing the lid again.

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