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ProPortion | Tab Spring

Model:PRO-PP/N:100048GTIN:687329046850List:$1.10 USD
  • Tab Spring
  • 100048 Spring - Line
  • 100121 PRO-P Handle Assembly Breakdown

This spring secures the Portion Tab in place for proper operation. It's hidden inside the Handle Assembly under the Spring Cover, and is required for operation. Replacement of this part is recommended if you're experiencing heavy portions or the Portion Tab isn't snapping back beneath the trigger.

About This Part
  • Included with new dispenser | Yes
  • Required for operation | Yes (one)
  • Interchangeable | Yes, with:
    • PRO-P 100120 | ProPortion Single Tip Dispenser
    • PRO-P 100100 | ProPortion Triple Tip Dispenser
    • or 100121 | ProPortion Handle Assembly (used in both single and triple models)

Note | The 2-Year Warranty icon below relates to the finished good, ensuring your dispenser is free from defects in workmanship and materials. If you're here because something failed, we're here to make it right; let's chat or connect via email.

That said, wear parts (those that can wear out) are just that and can be easily replaced to get you up and serving again. For ProPortion, wear parts would be things like this spring, a seal, and valves.

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Specification Sheet


  • ProPortion Dispenser | Manual 100124
    ProPortion Dispenser | Manual 100124

    Manual for ProPortion | Model PRO-P p/n 100120 & 100100 | Includes: Parts, Safety, Cleaning, Valve Selection, Assembly, Refilling, Disassembly, Setting Portion, Troubleshooting

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