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ProPortion™ Handheld Dispenser

  • Apply ketchup to a burger with ProPortion Triple Valve model
  • Apply Chocolate Sauce with ProPortion Triple Valve model
  • ProPortion Triple Valve model 100100
  • Apply sour cream to tacos with ProPortion Triple Valve model
  • ProPortion Single Valve model 100120
  • Valve Guide
  • Flex Prep Pouches
Fast Facts

Portable, accurate portion-control dispenser brings the sauce to the menu item, increasing speed of service. Ergonomic handle allows for single-handed dispensing and staff comfort. Direct pour into 25 oz canister or use new FlexPrep pouches from Cryovac® to achieve up to 95% evacuation.

  • Ideal for BOH serving of ambient, warmed or chilled ingredients
  • Single or triple dispense patterns speed application
  • Hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, nacho cheese and cold table condiments


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Serving Application:
  • 2-Year Warranty
Portable, accurate portion control has never been so easy
  • Reduce movement during assembly by bringing your special sauce to the food
  • Make rapid refills with poured-in product or reload with new Cryovac®, FlexPrep™ pouches
    • Next phase of flexible packaging – received the 2018 NRA Kitchen Innovation Award
    • Patented frangible seal technology with 16–25 oz pouch capacity
    • Increased food safety
ProPortion Dispenser
  • Provides operators cost savings, labor savings and operational simplification
  • Single or triple dispensing patterns can improve application speed
  • Includes (3) color-coded valves with small (green), medium (yellow) and large (blue) openings
  • Manage serving sizes with (6) color-coded portion tabs for 1 oz , 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 oz portions
  • For use in ambient, chilled and heated applications: 40º – 180º F operating range
  • Anti-ooze functionality in the design releases pressure on opening after dispensing
Special Note

Contact your food distributor for packaging in new Cryovac FlexPrep pouches.

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 DescriptionModelp/nContainer TypeCapacityServing ApplicationList Price 
PRO-PProPortion Handheld, Single Tip DispenserPRO-P100120Bag / Pouch, Other(1) 16 – 25 oz
$166.00 USD More Info Add to Wish List
PRO-PProPortion Handheld, Triple Tip DispenserPRO-P100100Bag / Pouch, Other(1) 16 – 25 oz
$166.00 USD More Info Add to Wish List

Specification Sheet


  • ProPortion Dispenser | Manual 100124
    ProPortion Dispenser | Manual 100124

    Manual for ProPortion | Model PRO-P p/n 100120 & 100100 | Includes: Parts, Safety, Cleaning, Valve Selection, Assembly, Refilling, Disassembly, Setting Portion, Troubleshooting

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