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ProPortion Product



With 93% of restaurants short-staffed in their kitchen,¹ speed, efficiency and simplicity are more important than ever. That’s why we created ProPortion™ Handheld Dispensers. So anyone can add consistent, accurate portions anywhere in your operation — streamlining service and increasing profits with every single squeeze.

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Faster serve speed saves almost $250/yr per dispenser²

INCREASED LINE SPEED SAVES TIME. Speed, ease and efficiency add up to big-time savings with each ProPortion™ dispenser. Calculate Your Savings

Reduced waste saves over $250/yr per dispenser²

ACCURATE PORTIONS REDUCE COST. Precise portion control eliminates wasted product and delivers consistent flavor every serving. Calculate Your Savings

93% evacuation vs. 81% for squeeze bottles

Get the most out of every sauce, condiment and syrup, so you aren’t washing money down the drain at the end of each day.

ProPortion Product

Simple, versatile & always flavorful

  • Single & triple tips with color-coded valves in small, medium & large
  • (6) color-coded portion tabs, 1/4 - 1 oz
  • Easy-to-squeeze handle for comfortable one-handed control
  • Large opening for 2x faster fill than squeeze bottles²
  • Portable, user-friendly, dishwasher safe
  • Ambient, heated or chilled applications
  • Consistent flavor in every bite

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¹ 2018 Restaurant Direction, TDn2K |  ² Server proprietary testing, 2019