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Water Bath Spacer 82063 | #10 can or 3 qt SST Jar

P/N:82063List:$5.78 USD
  • Spacer for Water-Bath Warmers
  • 82063 Spacer Usage Diagram
  • 82063 Spacer Use Diagram | With
  • 82063 Spacer use Diagram | Without

Protect Your Product

Each water-bath topping warmer includes this plastic spacer to ensure the proper operation of your warmer. The spacer keeps the can/jar properly positioned, providing multiple benefits:

  • Allows the water-bath warmer to evenly heat all sides of the food can/jar, rather than direct contact to the bottom only
  • Prevents water overflow into the product, safeguarding quality and integrity
  • Ensures more product is dispensed  and served to customers; without a spaces, excess product is left in the can and remains unused
Serving Application:
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • GTIN: 687329011230
  • Specifications
Height3/4 in | 1.9 cm
Works WithWaterbath #10 can warmers
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