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A vision for the future inspired by the values of our founder.

Advancing an established, trusted legacy brand into an unparalleled industry innovator is not a task our leadership takes lightly. It has required an incredibly unified front led by our team of highly skilled engineers, expert industrial designers, and a progressive leadership mentality focused on taking our customers’ operations to the next level. This commitment to future-forward solutions was instilled in our organization by our founder and continues today.

Kris Falkner, CEO & Chairwoman

Kris Falkner has led the execution of countless advanced initiatives through customer-driven, disruptive innovation and enthusiastic team unity — all to directly inform and steward unprecedented achievements for the organization and its future-forward goals and objectives. Kris has a unique ability to blend key business deliverables with genuine support of the entire Server team. As the third-generation leader of the organization, Kris retains the business and personal values of her father and grandfather — firmly believing in the power of the people she employs, and their ability to innovate truly transformational success.

Transforming the category by answering your core needs.

As a food and beverage technology company driven by innovation, our exclusive, category-changing Core FourSM platform has led to an all-new lineup of products. Intelligently designed to combine advanced engineering, inspired form and function, and unmatched operational benefits — speed of service, efficiency, consistency and simplicity.