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ConserveWell® Testimonials

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Dave Shandy | Equipment Category Manager,
Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC - Purchasing Co-op

"Our co-op members are always looking for new solutions to improve their costs, operations and, in today’s world, opportunities to be environmentally responsible and conservation minded. ConserveWell® saved our members over $4.5 million in water and sewer costs.”

Jason Vaughn | CEO
Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants

"Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana will now save 7.8 million gallons of water per year thanks to the installation of two ConserveWell® units per store.”

Tim Reilley | Director of Facilities,
Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants

"The new ConserveWell® units make sense on two levels: they save money on water and they will reduce maintenance costs because we won’t have to deal with clogged drains like we did with the old system.”

Global Procurement Manager of a chain with more than 1,000 locations

"ConserveWell® has helped us dramatically when it comes to saving water and energy. When I started in our restaurants, I would stare at a dipwell watching so much money go down the drain and always thought there has to be a better way. Not only for our [Profit & Loss] but mainly for the environment. We went from 5 normal dipwells in each location, down to 3 ConserveWells. Here is a better way to visualize this. Each dipwell we had would use an average 40 gallons of heated water per hour. Most of our stores are open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (using this as an average because our weekend hours are longer). 5 dipwells x 40 gallons an hour x 11 hours a day = 2200 gallons of heated water a day for 1 location. That equates to 803K gallons a year. Multiply that to a fleet of over 1000 restaurants,

WOW! We are saving HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of gallons of water per year and have dramatically reduced our energy bills by not having to use a constant run of hot water. Think about the cost to heat that much water! That does not even factor in sewage rates! If that doesn’t get you interested in this technology, I am not sure what does."

Dipper Well Replacement Field Evaluation Report,
Frontier Energy 2017

"Proven to cut water usage by nearly 99% each day and reduce utility costs by almost $3,000 every year.”