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Customer Testimonial | Server ConserveWell

Customer Testimonial | ConserveWell™ Utensil Holder

"ConserveWell™ saved our members over $4.5 million in water and sewer costs."

Our Co-op Members are always looking for new solutions to improve their costs, operations and in today’s world ConserveWell drop-in utensil holderopportunities to be environmentally responsible and conservation minded. In the Fall of 2015 one of our members operating in California during the peak of their drought, came to us for a solution to save water. We had the perfect answer, the ConserveWell Heated Dipper Well

With the normal flow rate of 30-60 GPM of a traditional dipper well the reduction on water and sewer use in restaurants open between 16 to 24 hours per day offered the potential for a huge success story. Now 18 months have passed and our members have purchased nearly 1500 ConserveWells saving approximately $4.5 million in water and sewer costs because of an estimated reduction ­­­­­of 400 million gallons of water and sewer annually! Once fully implemented, combined our members could save over 2 billion gallons per year in water and sewer costs. That is real savings and it is good stewardship with our resources.




Dave Shandy
Equipment Category Manager
Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC
Purchasing Co-op