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5 Creative Ways to Use Pumpkin

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It’s no secret that pumpkin reaches its peak in popularity during the fall and winter months. Foodservice venues often modify their seasonal menus to incorporate this ingredient in drinks, soups, and desserts. While this flavor profile has strong seasonal and nostalgic appeal, you can try some simple shifts in your pumpkin recipes to energize your fall menu and attract more guests.

Here are 5 creative ways to use pumpkin this fall:

  1. Pumpkin Butter: Add versatility and flavor to your condiment offerings by making creamy and delicious pumpkin butter from puréed pumpkin, pumpkin spice, brown sugar, maple syrup, apple cider and cinnamon. Guests will love it on English muffins, French toast, and pancakes, in oatmeal and yogurt, over sweet potatoes, and mixed into salad dressings.
    • Keep your pumpkin butter fresh and ready all day with our Cold Station Cold Station. The insulated shroud can hold (3) 1/6-size steam table pans and features a hinged lid with the option of stay-open and self-close operation.
  2. Curry: Pumpkin makes an excellent base for flavorful curry. You can easily add this rich and creamy Thai favorite to your seasonal menu by starting with bite-sized chunks of fresh pumpkin, red pepper, and broccoli, seasonings such as chili peppers, ginger, curry paste, and shallots, and of course, coconut milk.
    • Prep your batch of curry in the morning and hold it at a consistent temperature with our IntelliServ® Warmer. Use the 1/3-size steam table pan that’s 6" deep to efficiently hold 6-quarts of pumpkin curry so it’s hot and fresh for serving over rice and quinoa, or for ladling into containers for delivery or takeout orders.
  3. Pumpkin Fries: Offer an alternative to traditional French fries and sweet potato fries this fall with pumpkin fries coated lightly in olive oil and seasoned herb and spices. Serve with a variety of sauces from ketchup to hummus to sour cream.
    • You can keep up to 8 sauces cold and handy with our 16-oz Tablecraft® Squeeze Bottles in our Squeeze Bottle Station units. This insulated, stainless-steel station features an open-frame design that aids in air circulation underneath while its lid keeps cold air from escaping. Now, all your sauces and toppings can be organized, chilled, and ready to use or ready to fill to-go containers when needed.
  4. Beverages: Treat guests to autumn in a cup with flavored pumpkin drinks. The possibilities are endless. From mocktails to cocktails, pumpkin sauce gives ordinary beverages extraordinary flavor. Try crafting signature drinks like Moscow mules, martinis, warm ciders, lattes, and milkshakes to give your seasonal drink menu festive flair.
    • For pumpkin sauces, use our Stainless-Steel Pumps that dispense directly from wide-mouthed gallon jars or #10 or #5 cans. For thinner syrups and containers as short as 7", try our Eco Pumps™.
    • Check out our selection of Foodservice Pumps to find what works for you. Plus, you can save space and keep all your sauces and syrups handy and organized with our durable WireWise® organizers.
  5. Indulgences: Your fall menu would not be complete without a few sweeter selections. Rich and creamy pumpkin-flavored ice cream will be a hit with guests of all ages as 89% of consumers like or love ice cream. Store and organize your ice cream toppings from candies to crushed pumpkin ginger snaps with our SlimLine™ Wall-Mounted or Countertop Dispensers. Use SlimLine dispensers to hold precise portions of mix-in ingredients like granola, nuts, and chocolate chips for parfaits too.
    • Protein Smoothies are popular on menus year-round, especially with Gen Z and Millennials. Use our InSeason® Seasoning Dispensers to add a seasonal touch by offering pumpkin protein powder as a flavoring to your smoothie lineup. Choose from spread or drop pattern options or use the portion shaker attachment for uniform dispensing.