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Server Celebrates National Manufacturing Day


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Server Celebrates National Manufacturing Day

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Pumps, warmers, dispensers, stations… all these products are used in different foodservice applications, but they are not without some similarities. Over the last half-century, these products have experienced significant changes, both visible and under the hood.

As years progressed, so have materials and manufacturing processes. Here at Server Products, our incredible manufacturing team hasn’t missed a beat! They pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of manufacturing and jump at the opportunity to learn new skills.

These are only a few of the many reasons why our leadership team takes great joy in recognizing the team’s hard work this National Manufacturing Day. Without our best-in-class production team, it would be hard to deliver the top-tier quality products Server so proudly produces.

That is why on this day, we are making sure they feel extra appreciated. Cross-departmental huddles, a delicious nachos lunch bar, and handwritten cards authored by our CEO made this day special for everyone.

We love providing our employees with the daily perks of working at Server, such as a climate-controlled production facility, and free coffee and soft drinks. However, we are always looking to do more for our team. We couldn’t have thought of a better day to recognize our incredibly talented foodservice equipment manufacturing team than on National Manufacturing Day!

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