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Heat up Beverage Menus This Winter


With more restaurants extending outdoor dining into the winter and spring months, diners look to their beverages to keep them warm. Even if you’re lucky enough to reside in an area where the mid-winter low never hits below 60˚F, diners may tend to turn to comforting drinks around the holiday season. Whether you offer non-alcoholic or boozy options, add your own unique twist to coax hungry patrons to your patio.

1/9 size jar organizer

Store drink powders in easily accessible, compact tiered lid and ladle stations. Add in flavorings like matcha powder, crushed cayenne for a spicy treat, or a custom powdered ginger and spice mixture for a gingerbread hot chocolate. Or, store hard candies like crushed candy canes – which are perfect toppings for a peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream. Stations include a ½-oz spoon so you can control ingredient costs and deliver consistent, accurate flavor in every cup.

WireWise with 1 L bottles

For those looking for a boozy treat, hold 1-liter bottles of brandy, vodka, coffee liqueur, crème de cacao, and more in our tiered bottle organizers. Each organizer holds three bottles in just 4 ½ inches of counterspace. Spice up hot chocolate with Butterscotch Schnapps and Amaretto or go more traditional with an Irish Cream Coffee. There are plenty of portion-controlled pour spouts on the market to ensure you get the same amount of flavor in every drink.

Not looking to spike your menu? Store flavored syrups in the organizers and use our portion-controlled Eco pumps. Flavors can become overpowering quickly – adjust portions in 1/8 oz increments to create the perfect lavender or raspberry chai latte.


Our Mix-N-Serve warmer isn’t just for butter – the magnetized stir bar constantly mixes contents, and our thermostat keeps mulled cider or wine at a consistent temperature. Pour in some spiced rum or brandy and your guests will get the perfect flavor ratio with each sip.

Are you ready to kick your beverage offering up a notch? Contact our sales team to get started!