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Sanitizer Pumps for K-12 schools


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Help School Hygiene Efforts with Sanitizer Pumps


For many reasons, a lot of parents might favor the reopening of schools as long as it’s done safely. According to the CDC, “aside from a child’s home, no other setting has more influence on a child’s health and well-being than their school.” 

Schools offering in-person classes, or even a hybrid of in-person and virtual, are taking precautions and instating policies to help keep children – and by association, their families and peers outside the school walls – healthy and safe, such as masking, socially distanced desks.

According to Datassential, 38% of consumers are concerned about touching things other people touched1. Although the clientele remains the same daily, the foot traffic in a school is comparable to the traffic in a quick serve restaurant. Though students may be comfortable with each other, that does not decrease the need for cleanliness.

Stationing sanitizer at the entrance to classrooms, cafeterias and bathrooms can help ensure bacteria and viruses are quashed in areas where students are closest together for long periods of time or near items with a high touch frequency such as bathroom doors.

Server Products’ portion-controlled Sanitizer Pump works with standard 1-gallon jugs of sanitizer for a universal solution, making it easy to deliver just enough sanitizer to each student or staff member whenever they enter a room. In fact, Server's sanitizer pumps can allow for 2,000 perfectly sized portions from one gallon of sanitizer!

Using a 1-gallon jug of sanitizer is the lowest cost per use available when compared to other containers, so you'll not only be keeping the students and faculty healthy: you'll be able to maintain a healthy budget.

Minimum order quantity applies. To inquire about a Sanitizer Pump for your school, contact us at

1 Datassential: Fear & Response, 2020